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What a cool shot

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Topic: What a cool shot
Posted By: d4570
Subject: What a cool shot
Date Posted: 08 November 2019 at 11:31
Not the longest shot with the 6mm , not a big deer but a very cool shot.
We where working hard all day hunting at around 5000 feet in a foot of crunchy snow and around 9*.
On a private ranch/farm south east of town a hundred miles.
We had 4wheelers and full run of the ranch, we could drive anywhere we could, most the time we had to use the hey fields and not the two tracks. Anyway there is a mix of Mule deer and white tails, and some elk. They had 3 bears walk past the ranch house the night before , but with my bead course we would never have to worry about seeing them.
We found a zillion does of either and gobs of fork horn mule bucks.
I had one 4 point in the scope but could only see it's head on a ridge top, did not try the shot. We had one very nice 4 point step out of the brush at 200 yards just a matter of inches on the wrong side of the fence. Still hunting hard with the sun just going down we say some white tail deer on the other side of the property, and blasted across to see if we could see horns.
20 does and one smaller buck.
I like to shoot Muleys and the D-I-L loves to shoot white's 
Gave her the option, she declined saying she can come back and 430 yards is farther then she likes to shoot.
She had the 338/378 so it was a very do able shot but nope.
I do a lot of practice shooting printer sized targets at 400 yards and knew I was tiring of chasing 3 pointers around thought, I'd give it a try with my 6mm, 80 gr TTS Barnes , 3600 fps.
With the fading light and my poor sunburned old eye I had to have them talk me in to the deer with the horns. We where behind an old derelict Massey-Ferguson harvesters, I tried to use it as a rest .
No just could not get right. I pulled out my sticks that I shoot off of a trillion times, much better. I put the x on it's shoulder and razed to near the top and waited for the shot, as it was getting only minutes form end of time. I just would not get straight sideways to me. Finally in the waning last seconds it turned mostly sideways.
NICK-O-Time. The six barked, belched out a flame long as the gun.
I here the D-I-L exclaim " that was the coolest thing I have ever seen and one minute to spare"...
I put the glasses on where I shot and I could see a deer laying face in the snow not a wiggle.
We flew out to it on the 4wheeler to get to work. 5 minutes and we where dragging it back through the snow in the moonlight.

The rest of the story.

Very good thing it just collapsed in it's tracks.
Not a drop of blood on the deer, or snow. It would have been untraceable in the mass of other deer tracks.
The bullet hit the shoulder bone on the forward most point ,crushing it, went in and broke 3 ribs hit both lungs, traveled to midway deer  then crushed the back bone. Never leaving the animal. We had to look in the daylight 
at home to see what,where the bullet did, we just knew the deer did not even blink.Shocked
Fast little 6mm,80 gr copper bullet never ceases to amaze me.

Remember: Four boxes keep us free ,the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, AND the cartridge box

Posted By: BEAR
Date Posted: 08 November 2019 at 11:44
Great story, as always.

Nice deer and as you said "cool shot".  that 6 rem  Mauser is a charm.

Now get your buns out looking for that black bear with your name painted on the side.


Posted By: lizard
Date Posted: 08 November 2019 at 19:50

Great story D; and great shot too.  Smile

Trigger Control is knowing when not to pull it.

Posted By: Wing master
Date Posted: 13 November 2019 at 01:03
Good shot and story D. Congratulations. 

Wing master

I have always considered myself to be quite the bullshitter, But ocasionally it is nice to sit back and listen to a true professional......So, Carry on.

Posted By: Irish Bird Dog
Date Posted: 13 November 2019 at 09:58
agreed that was a very cool shot and that 6mm is remarkable for it's accuracy...well it does get some help from the trigger puller!Wink Congrats!

Irish Bird Dog

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2nd Amendment Supporter

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