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deer vs turkey

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Topic: deer vs turkey
Posted By: BEAR
Subject: deer vs turkey
Date Posted: 13 May 2019 at 13:36
Going out for tom turkeys tomorrow.

Just wondering which animal has a tougher coat.  deer have thick hide and about 1/2 inch of fur.
But tom turkey have lots of feathers before you get to their soft skin.

Going to use my mechanically opening broadheads.  these have been used to kill 3-4 deer, but I sharpenthem between kills.  
Still if I thought the feathers were a problem, and tougher than deer fur/hide,   I'd use a new broadhead?

Posted By: RobertMT
Date Posted: 13 May 2019 at 13:59
I'd be more concerned, if turkeys, had enough mass, to open up broadhead. I've never used mechanicals, they weren't legal yet, in MT, when I stopped bow hunting. SIL swears by them, but he loses way more deer, than I every did, with heavy fixed broadheads.

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Posted By: BEAR
Date Posted: 14 May 2019 at 03:26
I hunted 30 years with Fred Bear's Ravor heads, good kills.  20 ears ago, I was ging hunting in Buffalo with my bro'.  We were after antelope, and he only shot mechanicals.  So, to get compatiable and have extra heads/arrows I went with mech.  Both of us got antelope.

So I stayed with mechanicals.  What was 24 whitetails ago.  never lost an animal, never had one go more than 50 yards max.  BUT, I only take close perfect shots...nothing moving, only broadside, and well within 25 yards.  For me the hunt is what I like, so waiting for a pefect animal isn't a problem.  I'm sure any decent broadhead would have killed all those deer with good shot placement.

Mechanicals open even going thu cardboard.  more concerned with breaking the wing bones after going thru feathers.  I think, that turkey feathers might be significantly tougher than deer fur.

Posted By: BEAR
Date Posted: 14 May 2019 at 08:23
Well, I'm back.
the rest of the story could be called 'the imperfect hunt".

Got out and set up at 5am.  5:30 was legal hour.  no calling hear till 6:00am.  I had some answering for 30+ minutes, distant.  sounded like young birds in 3 locations, all 1/4 mile+.  one started moving off.  very overcast morning.

But the geese were flying tree top height, and making a racket...but nice to hear, sort of like being in a goose blind.  The local nesting bald eagle soared over once, high.

At 7 am fine rain started and I figured another hour then go to breakfast.

Instantly, in comes 3 jake toms, medium size.  they walked like a set of joined triplets.  Actually had to wait 2 minutes for them to separate so as to not shoot two.  (Illegal).

When they were a foot apart I lined up on the 2" bearded bird and released a shaft.  BONK!

It just didn't sound correct????

Birds goofed off for 15 minutes, with no reaction from the bird I had shot at.  Apparantly unhit, they walked slowly away.  Then a large whitetail doe invaded my deks.  All I wanted to do was find and check my arrow.

10 minutes latter, found the arrow.   Funky sound was the graphite shaft exploding about 1" up from the knock.  I assume the shaft had a fine crack and just burst.  Arrow landed about 6" below the bird I was shooting at.

Well, my concern about the broadhead was misplaced...shaft failure.  

Home now, not sure if any damage to my bow, will check bow and resight with new arrow, as soon as it warms up. This shaft had been shot maybe 10 times at a soft target, and had killed (full penetration) 6 deer.  I usually put a black mark on the flechings indicating each kill.

The is the second graphite shaft failure in the last 7 years since I shifted away from Gamegetters aluminum shafts.  might want to go back to Al.

But it was an enjoyable (but cold) morning, calling in birds and seeing game was great...and i still have abut 8 more hunting days.

Posted By: RobertMT
Date Posted: 14 May 2019 at 11:37
My Dad had switched to carbon shafts, but I stayed with aluminum. I see now it's way easier, to find carbon/graphite and they're now similarly priced to aluminum. I was shocked to see how expensive, both broadheads and arrows have gotten. I used to complain, when I lost $5 arrow, it looks like it's easy to get over $20 in an arrow now.

I think the new generation hunting shows, effect new generation bowhunters, the same way they do rifle hunters. When I'm over, SIL is often watching these shows and backs up to show the incredible shot, the guy made. All I see is how incredibly poor ethics, they have, taking 75-100yd shots at elk. While they recover it hours later, I always wonder how many don't make the show.

I also, seldom took shot beyond 25-30yds and only did morning hunts. I wanted to recover deer, before dark and wouldn't give up because I had to wade into/across pond/creek to keep after the blood trail. When I hear, I had to take 50yd shot, because it was getting too dark, to wait longer. I brace myself for, I searched until my battery died, I'll go back in morning and see if coyotes got to it. I just bite my tongue or might say, didn't same thing happen couple times before?

Want to stop Drunk Drivers, from Killing Sober Drivers? Ban Sober Drivers from Driving. That's how Gun Control Works.

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Posted By: BEAR
Date Posted: 14 May 2019 at 18:35
The show hunts are all canned.  photo-shopped.

Unfortunately, too amny of today's hunter believe this stuff.  like the 223 is great for all game.

The 'youngesters today are like golfers....thinking the more $$ you spend the 'stuff' is better and automatically make your a better shot/hunter.

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